January Freebie

This is the January freebie <3

Feel free of use this Facebook timeline covers for your business fanpage or to give a Valentine timeline to your clients after the photo session :)

Spread the love and pin it <3



Thank you soooo much for all disigne you doing. Love so much and use in my buisiness as well.

Tatiana Popova January 24, 2013

Thank you!! I’ve been using this with my clients. They love it, and I do too!!! :)

Shannon Morton January 23, 2013

thank you so much… your templets are very cute!

jessica January 23, 2013

Thank you for creating these adorable timelines! I <3

Kristy January 22, 2013

Thank you!!

Susana January 21, 2013


anita January 21, 2013

Thank you.. these are super cute!
simply love your ideas on how to make a picture so much more then just an ordinary pic.

dezign.ink January 20, 2013

THank you so much!!!

Sharlee January 20, 2013

Thank you!

Melissa January 19, 2013

Thanks girls!! :)
I have the albums in my list <3
You rock

Rose January 19, 2013

awesome so cute!

audra January 19, 2013

You are awesome. Believe it or not, I check everyday your web-site to see new designs to buy.
Here is my next list; new CD labels and album designs. And as you promised don’t forget to make more designs of albums:) I am addicted to your work. I do not even search any others on internet.

Gulsah January 19, 2013

Thank you for sharing, these are sooo cute :D Ive pined it too :P

AKP Photography January 19, 2013

Love these! Thank-you so much!!! ♥

Amber January 18, 2013

Thanks! These are great!

Joanna January 18, 2013

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