January Freebie

This is the January freebie <3

Feel free of use this Facebook timeline covers for your business fanpage or to give a Valentine timeline to your clients after the photo session :)

Spread the love and pin it <3



These cards are adorable! Thank you so much.

Anne February 05, 2014

Thank you so much for the freebie! Unfortunately, it keeps telling me there is a problem and the download is working. Any ideas?

Jennifer February 15, 2013

Thanks a bunch! So cute!

Talia February 03, 2013

Thanks a bunch!

Arianne February 02, 2013

These timelines are just great, I just used the Love one for a client, just great!!! Thank you!

Sharon Lewis January 28, 2013

Love your designs- thanks for the freebies…

Samantha F. January 27, 2013

THANKS! Super excited to use these!!

stacey January 26, 2013

I love all of these!

Ana Gabriela January 26, 2013


Melissa KLein January 25, 2013

Thank you! Can’t wait to use it!!

Sarah Johnson January 25, 2013

So cute.. thanks!!!

Jennifer January 25, 2013

Thank you!

Amy Hoogstad January 24, 2013

Thank you for being so generous!

Tavia January 24, 2013

What would we do without your awesomeness!

amber January 24, 2013

I Pinned it!

Carole Paris January 24, 2013


Judit January 24, 2013


Leah January 24, 2013

Thanks so much! Too cute :)

Traci January 24, 2013

pinned it! thank you!

emily January 24, 2013

Thank you! I pinned it and ‘shot’ it!

Krista January 24, 2013

Thank you so much!!!

Jen Brock January 24, 2013

Absolutely LOVE these… but am terrible at figuring things out in photoshop! Anyone have a simple tutorial??? :)

Thank you again!

Amy January 24, 2013

Love them! Thank you so much :)

Danny January 24, 2013

THANK YOU! I love these I can not wait to share them with my clients!

Jessie January 24, 2013

Thanks so much, I LOVE them!!

Jenneke January 24, 2013

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