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Klimaanlage-kaufen Christmas Giveaway

Yay!! Here at Klimaanlage-kaufen we'd love to reward our customers for a year of support, new ideas & nice comments every day!

So take advantage because we are waiting to choose a lucky winner :)



Winner will be announced on December 23rd, 2012 ;)

Share your love and spread the word!




Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit me because we need to save money for our two kids and baby to be! And I would LOVE LOVE a new lens!!! <3 <3 <3 you Santa. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great giveaway BirDesign! x

Maria Pisano
Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit me as 3 weeks ago I lost my canon rebel and everything that went with it in my camera bag. It was left at my son’s preschool basketball game at the local ymca and nobody had the heart to turn it in when they found it. So now I’m starting all over buying this expensive camera when money is tight at Christmas time. I have to have pictures of my boys Christmas morning and not only that we are also expecting our 3rd boy in 2 months so I have no choice but to buy another camera. Having a new lens would help me out so much with the cost as I would only have to purchase the body. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story!

Dec 10, 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love your templates and always get compliments on them.

meagan sullins
Dec 10, 2012

AWESOME giveaway!

Dec 10, 2012

I would love for Santa to visit me with this giveaway, not for me, but for my daughter, who is a budding photographer!

Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit me because starting a photography business is hard. I just started mine a few months ago and this would help a lot!

Brittni Constans
Dec 10, 2012

I am hoping to win, as I am a new photographer & and a current business major working towards purchasing new equipment and props, etc. I would love to add one of these to my collection. :)

Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit me because I always share everything I have learned about photography. And I am trying to go pro and need all the help I can get……..

Dec 10, 2012

…reason being – I’ve been such a GOOD princess this year and would LOVE to better my photography next year – hopefully start doing shoots for extra income, instead of just as a hobby :)

Lindsey Fouche
Dec 10, 2012

The 50mm 1.4 has been on my Christmas and Birthday wishlist for a few years now…never have the money to buy! Would love to have both of these to do portrait photography of my family and friends!


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