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Klimaanlage-kaufen Christmas Giveaway

Yay!! Here at Klimaanlage-kaufen we'd love to reward our customers for a year of support, new ideas & nice comments every day!

So take advantage because we are waiting to choose a lucky winner :)



Winner will be announced on December 23rd, 2012 ;)

Share your love and spread the word!




Dec 10, 2012

Both of these are on my Christmas list! Santa I have been so good this year! :)

Tamara C
Dec 10, 2012

Because even though I love my nifty 50, I could without a doubt use the extra half a stop :)

Stu Munro
Dec 10, 2012

I sooooo want to win!!! It would totally make my Christmas!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

Christina Giehl
Dec 10, 2012

Crossing my fingers!

Dec 10, 2012

The 50mm is on my christmas list!

J. P.
Dec 10, 2012

What a wonderful idea! Love that you are rewarding a customer this way. Maybe, just maybe that customer will be me! check out my work at www,facebook.com/55photos
Thanks again!

Dec 10, 2012

Dear Santa I should win this contest because I am just starting out and would love these 2 new lenses :)

Dec 10, 2012

Santa needs to come visit me because I’ve been an awfully good girl to all my clients and their desires this year and every year! My evenings of editing end at around 4:30am these days and this would put a great big smile on my face & make it worth all the madness! C’mon, Santa Baby…put some lenses under the tree for me. :)

Jess Haskett
Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit because I’ve been good all year =)

Tami Granados
Dec 10, 2012

Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to win this giveaway as I have a budding business that I would love to transition to full-time work to support myself with. I know that either of these lenses which have been on my wish list would move me forward in that pursuit!


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