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Klimaanlage-kaufen Christmas Giveaway

Yay!! Here at Klimaanlage-kaufen we'd love to reward our customers for a year of support, new ideas & nice comments every day!

So take advantage because we are waiting to choose a lucky winner :)



Winner will be announced on December 23rd, 2012 ;)

Share your love and spread the word!




Dec 11, 2012

Would love these lenses to take photos of my twin girls!!

Dec 11, 2012

I sooo want this :)

Dec 11, 2012

I Just started my business on a “nifty fifty” would love to upgrade my lenses

Dec 11, 2012

the 85mm would be sooo nice to have but even a 50mm would be sweet. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

K. N.
Dec 11, 2012

I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve been dying for these lenses for a while, and I definitely think they would be great to add to my collection as I venture into my photography career.

Dec 11, 2012

Please Santa I have been good this year and the 50mm would look so good on my camera!

Nicole Dickson
Dec 11, 2012

I would love to win either of these lens, they are two I have wanted to either upgrade, or add to my collection for a long time!! Eeek! So exciting!!

Dec 11, 2012

I need a new lens…. have been renting and own a few but who doesn’t want a new lens? Being a busy mom and photographer is hard work. Hopefully Santa will be good to me this year and I will win one through birdesign!

Aeron Johnson
Dec 11, 2012

I’m planning on going to college soon for photography. Unfortunately college is expensive and so are lenses. Would love to have this. Great giveaway!

Janae Troyer
Dec 11, 2012

Would love to have it! :)

Cris Voss

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