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Klimaanlage-kaufen Christmas Giveaway

Yay!! Here at Klimaanlage-kaufen we'd love to reward our customers for a year of support, new ideas & nice comments every day!

So take advantage because we are waiting to choose a lucky winner :)



Winner will be announced on December 23rd, 2012 ;)

Share your love and spread the word!




Dec 10, 2012

I would LOVE to win either of these for Christmas this year! Saving for a new lens with a new baby is hard to do!

Ashlee F
Dec 10, 2012

I have been wanting new lenses now forever! What a great giveaway! You are sure going to make someones Holidays very merry!!!!

Crystal Powanda
Dec 10, 2012

I would love to get a new lens for Christmas so I can take better photos of my Labrador retriever that was just diagnosed with Cancer. Each year I have donated a photo of her to the local Pheasants Forever chapter and sales have averaged $400 to a good cause. The vet told me she only has 90 days – one year left and I want to capture all those precious moments she gives our family.

Mysti Killough
Dec 10, 2012

What a generous giveaway! I only have 1 lense and I’m in desperate need of a couple more, but family needs come first. Patiently waiting my turn ;)

Dec 10, 2012

:) What a great giveaway! I love December because it’s our anniversary, my birthday AND Christmas! :D

Dec 10, 2012

Man, I’m loving that 85mm. Good luck to everyone!

Kate Noel
Dec 10, 2012

Santa should visit me because I have been a very good girl

Dec 10, 2012

Ho Ho HO! I certainly could use the 50mm under the tree. Mine was stolen 2 years ago and I haven’t been able to afford a replacement. It would make my Christmas brighter!

Deb Ferris
Dec 10, 2012

What an amazing gift for christmas! I have the perfect person for this beautiful lens and I know it will go to a great cause as she is heading over to Africa this spring for some charity works with an HIV clinic.

Dec 10, 2012

I need the 85mm! Great giveaway! Thanks!

Carla Gibbs

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