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DIY Project - Pinwheels Background

 paper pinwheels background, DIY photography project, portrait background 

 I love DIY projects, oh yes! I've done all the crafts you can imagine, paper crafts, knitting, crochet, jewelry, scrapbooking, embroidery, as many others... it's so nice to feel you can do one of a kind piece of art with your hands, even following a tutorial your final product will be unique and sealed with your own style!

One of the purposes of this blog is to create valuable material for photographers, specially for all who love to capture a sweet newborn, kids, and the togetherness of a family. So I will be doing DIY projects for all of you, hope it will be helpful and a source of new ideas for your portraits and photo projects.

 As a photographer I know that every sessions is special and unique, and you have to be refreshing your studio props, new hats, new blankets, new chairs, new backgrounds, new colors... well I consider special to share this way to do an easy and chic background for your studio. It's easy, cheap, and the final scene will look just amazing 

DIY Photography paper pinwheels background

For this project you will need:

  • 12x12" scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a round object to mark a circle
  • a pencil

1. Do 1/2-inchwide accordion folds in the scrapbook paper until you get a fan folding shape. Two fans will form one pinwheel.

2. Using the scissors, trim ends of the paper into rounded or pointy shapes.

3. Fold the strip or paper in half and secure it with glue. This will form the half of the pinwheel. Repeat the process until you get 2 then glue them.

DIY photography background paper pinwheels craft

4. In another paper trace a circle of 2" of diameter, cut it out and glue it in the center of the pinwheel. You can do that in both sides of the pinwheel then attach it to a wall. You can embellish the center of the pinwheel with a double circle or paper with different colors or even with buttons.
Repeat as many times as you like ;) combine colors, papers and textures to get a beautiful collage of pinwheels. You can do it even with white or painted paper for a wedding or couple photo shoot, or in green, red and gold for Christmas pictures, it's just about creativity! :)

Once you are ready place them in a wood base, or in the wall with mounting tape, and voila!! A beautiful background for a long time!

I had a lot of fun making this pinwheels, try it you won't regret!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Don't forget to share your love and pin it! ;)

paper pinwheels background for photographers DIY project


Dec 08, 2014

Love dese papar fans,it makes to look the walls more elegant dan d previous…..

Apr 29, 2013

How did you get these to adhere to the wall or whatever you were putting them on?

Jan 16, 2013

I love this idea! Where did you get your paper? I love the patterns :)

Jan 09, 2013

I made paper fans for the last few days, i got a book of scrapbook paper for 5 dollars and it had 150 papers in it, and i have 6 fans made so far, it is a good idea for sure, so what if you want to use this as a background you bring from place to place, what would your suggestion be for hanging them? maybe double sided tape would work

Amber Stokes
Jan 04, 2013

you can also go to places like Home Depot and Lowes and ask for the out of date Wallpaper sample books. If no one has them spoken for they usually will just give them to you. Paper is a little harder to fold but really neat paper.

Paula Fankhauser
Jan 04, 2013

Great tutorial, thank you! Pinned it :)

Amy Hoogstad
Jan 04, 2013

ahhhhhmazing! thank you. love,love.love

Jan 04, 2013

Wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing how you made this. I was just yesterday wondering how hard it would be to make this look happen. I will be trying it out! :)

Lucy Sandeen
Jan 04, 2013

This is wonderful! Just this morning (not kidding) I almost purchased a $50 backdrop with colorful fans just like this! I was in love with it, but after much internal debate decided $50 was just too much. Guess who will be making some paper fans this weekend?? Thank you, great tutorial.

Kathi (KatMahoney Photography)
Jan 04, 2013



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