FREE - Thank you card and facebook timelines

The scents of spices, vanilla and pumpkin galore can mean only one thing... Fall is here! which also brings a great opportunity to enhance your business marketing efforts. The starting of this new season can also be a good timing to thank your clients for supporting your photo studio throughout the year. Take a chance to print this lovely thank you card and invite your clients to start booking for holiday season or just say thank you with these adorable FB timelines.

Thanks to Heather Barta for the lovely pictures.

Our products are created for PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY. You may not resell, redistribute or share these templates in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any design digital or printed on any online store. This is a GIFT from our shop to your photography studio. If you have a question regarding the use please contact us.


Thank you so much!! God Bless you for taking the time to do this for others!

neeley January 10, 2017

Let me know when is sale on your site.

Ronaldo December 08, 2015

Muchas gracias por cada uno de los detalles que tiene para nosotros.


Janet November 20, 2015

Are we able to give these to clients as a complimentary gift with their images or only for business use?

Bre November 17, 2015

I get access denied when trying to download from link in my email.

Julie September 29, 2015

What an amazing download! Thank you so much, but I am unable to download…the link is no longer available :(

sherree September 28, 2015

Gorgeous! Thank you so much!!!

Beth September 25, 2015

lovely! thank you for sharing!

Meg September 22, 2015

These are gorgeous. Thanks so much!

Kati September 18, 2015

Thank you for these beauties!! :

Ines September 18, 2015

These are wonderful! Thank you so much!!! It is TRULY appreciated. I can’t wait to order some of your adorable Christmas card templates for this upcoming holiday season!!!

Kelly September 17, 2015

Thank you so much for the free download!!!! Love your designs!!!

Robin September 17, 2015

Thank you so much I truly appreciate these a lot!

Catherine September 17, 2015

Thank you so much Rose! You are one of my favourite designers. Always so generous!

Amanda September 16, 2015

thank you so much! this is classy and contemporary! your designs are always clean and distinctive!

heather September 16, 2015

Thank you as usual for the beautiful work! I’m always wishing I had a cute thank you card, now I do!

Jess September 16, 2015

Thank you for this. Beautiful as always. Looking forward to the 2016 calendar templates.

Marcia September 15, 2015

Thank you so much! These are so great! – Lex

Alexis September 15, 2015

Thank you for the Thank you :)

Lee Anne September 15, 2015


Anahy September 15, 2015

Thank you so much for this! :)

Saima September 15, 2015

yes! thank you for the free download :) I use your designs because it makes my life easier and my marketing prettier

Marcy September 15, 2015

Thank you! I use your templates all the time!

Julie September 15, 2015

You are my go to for my templates!!! Thank you for the freebies too ;)

Rebecca September 15, 2015

Thank you <3 Love your templates!!

Jennifer Lynn September 15, 2015

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