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Happy Holidays and FREE marketing boards

Happy Holidays and FREE marketing boards

This holiday season has been so different to me, I took more vacations than normal, I felt I really needed family and leisure time, I wasn't able to unplug completely (of course!), however I did things I don't do on my daily basis, like taking time for a walk outside, cooking new recipes and taking long tub baths, I have been enjoying these things so much that I realized this is how I want my life to be. However I'm really excited for the new year ahead, and so many resolutions and goals for my business and personal life have been running through my head lately. I hope I'm not the only one!

And as I thought about my resolutions, I couldn't do anything but to give something special for our readers on my "freebie of the month" post (yep! better late than never!). So these free marketing boards are for those who have been thinking about improving their marketing efforts for 2015. So grab this and begin booking now!

I wish you so much success, cute photos and sessions filled with laughs and happy families for the upcoming year.

Happy Holidays!


~ Rose

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Nov 01, 2017


Aug 23, 2016

File won’t open

Ashley Selvig
Feb 28, 2016

I am new with ps and cannot figure out how to personalize the text layers… Even with YouTube tutorials it’s not clear to me. Do you have any suggestions or tutorials on this?? Thank you for your designs! They are so great!!


Carissa rumps
Feb 27, 2016

Hi there!, how do i place the images on the spaces where my images are supposed to be , learning this.

Feb 01, 2016

Thank so much for these! they are great designs and I can’t wait to use them!!

Jan 03, 2016


Nov 07, 2015

I cant download these and I want them so bad. I have a PC. Any suggestions?

candice jones
Sep 15, 2015

Thank you!

Sep 10, 2015

hi! I am unable to download. Is this design still available? Thank you for your time.

Jul 09, 2015

is this download still available?


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