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If you're always on the look for newer and fresher fonts you're going to love these! Here's a selection of 8 spectacular fonts we have carefully picked for you, each has an organic hand-drawn feel to it, making them the perfect options for versatile applications such as cards, social media posts, branding or marketing material.
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NICE and beautiful fonts!
can you email me those file?
thank you so much!

ANN June 03, 2019

Nice Stuff – I like it

Makro March 08, 2019

great designs

renata November 12, 2018


GIOVANA October 18, 2018

i want font

reinhard March 23, 2018

I would love to download this font! Its so beautiful

Anabelle February 08, 2018


ปภัสสรวรรณ เจริญเมตตา October 21, 2017

love it

kidakarn October 13, 2017

please send!

이예지 July 03, 2017

Hi Id love to download these free fonts


Kristen P May 11, 2017

love it

HAN April 26, 2017

How can i download the free fonts pleace??
Thank you

nutthira February 09, 2017

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hi dan:

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RandyBer January 22, 2017

Alright My girlfriend’s family hate me passionately

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I have similar problem right here. Im 17 and my boyfriend is also 17. We are in precisely the same class. Her mum knew that we are dating and she was taking it untill someday I had a very big fight with my girlfriend because I was soo nervous and I hit her on the face infront of quite a few individuals. Her parents knew that I hit her. Then they made a very big problem and we had to keep clear of eachother. Then we are baq together secretly from 3 weeks till now but I cant talk to her in class or c her out or anything. Im pissed off because im losing my ex everyday. I just are trying to learm how can I talk with her parents and what to say to them.

Stephenbort January 22, 2017

Love to be able to download free fonts

Malki kaufman December 13, 2016

How can i download the free fonts pleace??
Thank you

Jonnekin florine December 05, 2016


NORMAN FORREST October 18, 2016

How can i download the free fonts pleace??
Thank you

Carole Jacquy September 26, 2016


55555 June 16, 2016

Love to be able to download free fonts

Thanks, Sherry

Sherry Casey June 10, 2016

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